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About HomeSmart Connect

HomeSmart Connect Real Estate!

  • We've quickly become one of the fastest growing Real Estate Brokerages in the Chicagoland Area.

  • Our success is a reflection of our Brokers - We provide a stable, yet innovative environment where agents can thrive.

  • Our parent company, HomeSmart International, announced its Grand Opening with just two agents back in 2000.

  • HomeSmart rapidly developed into the #1 Real Estate brokerage in both size and sales volume in the southwest and was most recently named one of the Inc. 500 fastest growing Real Estate companies (Our 4th year on this list).

  • We are having so much fun bringing that same great energy and support to CHICAGOLAND!!​

The HomeSmart Franchise!

  • With a commitment to its agents and their clients, HomeSmart has quickly grown to more than 16,000 agents worldwide. It is now ranked among the top 5 largest real estate brokerages in the nation.

  • HomeSmart continues to be a leader in the Real Estate industry by implementing technologies that empower its agents to provide outstanding customer service to our clients.

  • HomeSmart agents are professional practitioners that lead the industry and are known for excellence.

  • HomeSmart proprietary systems continue growth throughout the US, Canada & China. Most recently opening in Georgia, New Jersey & New York.

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HomeSmart Connect Chicago Downtown
HomeSmart Connect Arlington Heights
HomeSmart Connect Chicago Northwest
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HomeSmart Connect Libertyville
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Meet Our Managing Broker

“What’s neat about HomeSmart far more than anything else is having the tools all agents need without having to worry about five or six different vendors. Everything is all in one place.”

*Video Published on Jun 28, 2016

HomeSmart Connect Now Has 450 Chicagoland Agents!

The HomeSmart Story

In 2000, Matt Widdows, founder of HomeSmart, believed that the real estate industry had been left behind in technology and systems to support real estate agents in their day to day business needs. Agents and their clients lived and communicated online and they now expected to find answers and resources at their fingertips. Matt wanted to combine traditional real estate concepts with innovation and a technology approach. This thought gave birth to the HomeSmart “low-fee, high-value” brokerage model.

Matt believed in the opportunities the real estate industry provided and wanted a brokerage model that welcomed every individual. His vision was to utilize technologies that supported systems and services to make both the agent and the brokerage successful. This approach would provide long-term growth and stability for the brokerage and ensure success for the agent.

“Low-fee, high-value” brokerage services has a deeper meaning to our mission. It’s who we are and guides everything we do. See, anyone can charge low fees but it’s the way that we are able to consistently deliver high value that is the real “secret sauce” that makes HomeSmart special.

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