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Meet Our Managing Broker

*Video Published on Jun 28, 2016

HomeSmart Connect Now Has 600 Chicagoland Agents!

“What’s neat about HomeSmart far more than anything else is having the tools all agents need without having to worry about five or six different vendors. Everything is all in one place.”

Hear Bill’s Story In His Own Words

I’m a 35-year veteran real estate broker and I still love heading to work each day. I am passionate about real estate & giving every client and agent I work with a personalized experience. You will find that I am very outgoing, a great listener, and fair-minded, I take time to understand your needs, and act accordingly. 

I have been a managing broker for more than 27 years. Meaning there are very few situations in Real Estate that I have not seen. Rest assured, if there is a bump in the road, I have most likely been there and maneuvered through it.
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